Call Keith Lello!

Resilience is all about relationship building, not just when we are actively working with our clients on current projects but also in between jobs. We thought we’d feature our longstanding client Keith Lello and his business CashMasters today.

An institution on the Hobart Insurance scene, Keith and CashMasters have been giving great advice on Commercial and Personal Insurances and Investments, Financial Planning, Superannuation and Home Loans for years. Don’t just take our word for it though – check out his web site, built by Resilience of course!, to find out the huge range of advice areas and products Keith can help you with.

The TV commercial we made CashMasters is below as well – follow the bouncing ball!

TV Commercial

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Shed loads of sheds!

We completed a web site a little while ago now for our fantastic clients The One Stop Shed Shop in Mornington that we thought we should share with you.

Paul Purdon and his experienced team have forgotten more about sheds than most of us will ever know. The name isn’t some catchy gimmick either – they literally do the lot! From design, dealing with Councils, coordinating tradesmen through to installation and everything in between, their clients rest easy knowing everything is covered in a professional manner.

Resilience have completed numerous projects for The One Stop Shed Shop. In addition to the web site we have produced several television commercials and explainer videos. Check them out below and if you are in need of a Shed, Garage or Barn get in touch with Paul and his team for great service and competitive pricing.

Hmm – man shed on the way maybe!


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Where’s the meat?

Growing up; dinner was always meat and three veg served precisely at 6pm, the only exception being a bbq when it was just meat, bread and a token salad which usually went to the managerie of chooks, guinea pigs and mice the next morning. We were a family of carnivores no doubt about it, other food types existed solely to accompany the protein on the plate.

I remember vividly one night in the mid eighties when I thought I’d give mum a night off and cook dinner. Into the 72 Corolla Coupe and down to Purity in Sandy Bay I went, shopping list in hand, returning about 45 minutes later with two brown paper bags laden with the ingredients for my culinary maiden voyage. Took a bit longer than I expected though so the 6pm deadline was not going to be achieved and I was under pressure right from the start and things went downhill from there really!

Following Margaret Fulton’s Chow Mein recipe I raced through the first few processes – chopped the cabbage, mushrooms and other veggies, got them sweating off on the stove and put the rice on. Awesome I thought – this cooking caper is easy. Step 4, remove veggies from the pan and fry the mince with garlic and ginger is where I came unstuck – I had the garlic and ginger but the mince never made it into my shopping trolly. Oh crap I thought when I looked at the clock and realised it was 5.55. Back then the supermarkets closed at 6, no redemption possible there. A hasty search of the cupboard revealed a solitary can of kidney beans – oh well that’ll have to do then! In they went, veggies returned and the stock and noodles completed the first vegetarian meal ever served in our household – albeit unintentionally.

Watching the old man look suspiciously at the bowl in front of him, I have an appreciation for the nervous looks on Masterchef contentant’s faces when when they face the judges. After the first fork full he dug through the bowl for about 30 seconds, finally raised his eyes to mine and said – Where’s the meat?

Um…well, about that…! Needless to say I wasn’t trusted with the cooking duties after that.

For my fellow meat lovers though Resilience Marketing have been trusted with developing the brand and web presence for Cluny Farms a local business who bring packaged sides of Beef, Lamb and Goat straight from the farm to your door. And at prices that won’t break the bank or force you to take out a second mortgage!

Matthew is committed to the principles of sustainable farming and animal welfare whilst keeping costs down to his customers. Grass fed beef and lamb ensures the quality of his produce is exceptional as well.

Check out what we’ve done for Cluny Farm below.

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cluny-1 cluny2 cluny3


RSL Tasmania Website

No cheesy puns or anecdotes for this one. A more sombre mood to respect an organisation that has touched the lives of most Australians in one form or another for over one hundred years.

We’re very lucky here at Resilience to work with a number of community organisations and help them to get their message out to the very people they are serving.

One such organisation that we have a long relationship with is RSL Tasmania. Resilience have been publishing their membership magazine On Service for over 10 years now and more recently redeveloped their web site, which acts as a news and information portal for their members.

The RSL was founded in 1916 to provide comradeship and support to Australia’s veterans and their families. It’s core objectives are the welfare of war veterans, serving members of the ADF, ex-servicemen and women and their dependants; and to act as an advocacy for them. In addition to this the RSL is committed to Commemoration and Remembrance of those Australians who have given their lives in War and to instill in the Australian people the patriotic, loyalty and pride which the League has for the Nation, it’s people, the Crown and the Flag.

Resilience Marketing are proud to be associated with RSL Tasmania and feel honoured to be trusted with their two main forms of communication to their members – their web site and On Service magazine.

See them below:


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RSL On Service Magazine



Party like it’s 1989

It’s almost time! Time to dust of the pastel jumper (if it still fits!), get your hair permed and head to the Republic Bar for the annual pilgrimage that is the Standing Room Only Concert.

Those of us of that vintage would remember only too well Hobart’s vibrant live music scene of the mid eighties and early 90’s. Bands like Modern Daze, Lingo,  Stynes Legends and Forecast were tearing it up at packed venues all over the city.

Friday nights for me were spent at Tatts where Billy Whitton the Be Bop Brothers were kings, but Saturday nights were the whole nine yards!

Kick off for me and my mates was always Maloneys where we stayed until alcohol and gravity conspired to make dancing on the front bar a tad dangerous, at least for those below us! A quick meeting and the next venue would be decided and we’d be off in search of live music – a quick dodgy hot dog from Charlie Browns and a cab to the Brisbane or Travs or a walk to the Cadillac Club and even dodgier food from the takeaway over the road. Throw Pips, Winstons and the Red Lion into the mix and we had plenty of bands and venues to choose from.

The quality of local bands around back then was incredible and there were a lot of venues and punters around to support them. Apart from the Brisbane, none of those venues are around today which makes me appreciate the Republic Bar and it’s determination to support live music acts in Hobart even more.

This is the fifth year the Standing Room Only – For the Fallen gig will be held at the venue and Resilience Marketing are proud to have played a major role in every one of them. Darren Roach, the Managing Director, is passionate about live music and has been instrumental in getting the intitial concept off the ground, planning and organising for each gig and taking control of the publicity and marketing. Resilience have produced all of the marketing materials from the TV ad right through to the tickets!

So as Molly would have said – do yourself a favour and get to the Republic Bar on May 20. Tickets sell fast though so don’t miss out.

Modern Daze, Lingo,  Stynes Legends and Forecast with an accoustic set from Steve Miller Project – to use another 80’s catchphrase – Pity the fool that doesn’t get there!


Wonders, Waves and Wanderings

I’ve been through Eaglehawk Neck hundreds of times in my life but rarely lingered to take the place in.

School holidays spent on the Tasman Peninsula and day trips to Port Arthur with visiting relatives meant we flew through the Neck at the allowable speed limit to get to where we were going and didn’t look back. If only I’d known then what I know now!

The place is fascinating! So much to see and explore – Roaring surf, A rich but gruesome convict history, one of nature’s wonders in the Tesselated Pavement – a magnet for photographers near and far; and some of Tasmania’s more spectacular and rugged coastal features like The Blowhole, Devil’s Kitchen and Waterfall Bay just around the road will keep locals and tourists plenty busy.

Of course all that exploring builds up an appetite, so it’s just as well that one of Tasmania’s iconic hotels is situated at Eaglehawk Neck too! The lufra hotel has an outstanding reputation for great local food and wine as well as accommodation options for those that want to spend some time exploring the local region.

Resilience Marketing are proud to have the Lufra Hotel as longstanding clients and have completed several TV, Radio and Branding projects for them. Peter and staff make every visitor feel welcome and make the Lufra the ideal place to launch your Tasman Peninsula adventure from.

Here’s a taste of what to expect:



New Corporate Video for Tasmanian Agricultural Jobs

We’re very lucky here at Resilience – we get to work on a variety of projects with a lot of Tasmanian Businesses out there making a real difference in our lovely state.

None more so than Tasmanian Agricultural Jobs – an organisation dedicated to improving Tasmania’s rich and longstanding rural traditions through training and facilitating workforce opportunities in the Agricultural sector.

Resilience has completed a number of projects now for Tasmanian Agricultural Jobs, the latest of which is a Corporate Video to add to the Branding and Web work already completed.

Web Design:


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Shut the gate!

Could have a field day with gate puns here but that horse has bolted!

Autogate Services have been a client of ours for a while now.  Andrew Montgomery and his team install automated gates, boom gates and pedestrian turnstiles to help their customers with the convenience that automation brings and the additional property security it provides.

They have key staff in Hobart, Launceston and Penguin and a legion of happy customers right around the state all rolling in and out of their garages or property gates at the click of a button.

The Autogate team look at all aspects of every project they undertake, ensuring that all aspects of the gate automation project are properly designed and integrated with power requirements, proper operation in the event of power failure, safety and activation facilities. They look bloody good too!

Autogate Services have trusted Resilience with their branding, web site and introductory television commercials:


Television Advertising:




Web Design:

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For those about to Rock

Remember when kitchens were just that room at the back of the house. That forbidden place where mums across the country put the 3 veg on to boil for an hour and a half every night while they did the washing, ironing and caught up with I Love Lucy repeats. Then they’d finally return to pour the hot green water down the sink and throw the grey sludge on the plate with some rissoles and smother the lot with gravy.

Our kitchen was replendent in bright orange and lime green laminex, contained a Sunbeam Mixmaster the size of a labrador and worst of all had a drawer which contained the oft used wooden spoon.

How times have changed! Masterchef and MKR have brought kitchens into the limelight and home chefs out of the closet for ever. No longer the bastion of congealed cabbage and unbridled disciplinary action, kitchens have become the hub of most homes and Thermomixes, Kitchenaides and Cook Books are the norm. Of course they have to look good too – laminex and dodgy brown tiles giving way to modern bench tops and splash backs that wouldn’t look out of place at the Vatican or Warney’s place.

Renshaw Stone in Glenorchy have been making kitchens look good for a while now. Granite and Marble are their materials of choice and Elliot, Annie and their dedicated staff have the expertise and experience to guarantee to put a smile on the dial of kitchen owners right across the state.

Resilience have been lucky enough to work with them for a while now and recently completed their new web site and online estimator.

Check it out here:





Cleaning Up

Familiar sight?

Most of us that have kids know that hours spent on our knees picking up toys, finding stray bits of food stuffed into the sub woofer and fixing broken stuff are facts of life.
In my kids’ case I’m afraid it’s genetic. Frustrated sentences uttered by my mother which included both “your room” and “bomb site” were a very common occurrence. Naturally back yard cricket and footy were at the top of my priority list – hospital corners on the bed? Not so much! A trait that sadly has followed me into adult life.Continue Reading..