Move over George

Meet George Jetson….. As a kid that opening line would send me scurrying for the tv where nothing short of a nuclear bomb would dislodge me for the next half hour. Flying saucers, sky high conveyor belts, robots and whacky futuristic inventions had me wishing that futuristic world would just hurry up and get here already.

Well it’s here! Maybe not with flying saucers, in two dimensions and 128 colours like the Jetsons – but in terms of houses we’ve already surpassed what the soothsayers at Hanna Barbara predicted. Smart homes are here and they are only going to get smarter!

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Welcome to 2017 from all of us at Resilience

2017 already and we at Resilience Marketing are rested after a break and primed for another big year of delivering quality Media and Web.

With a new year comes a new string to our bow – Video production for web and social media. Get in touch to find out how we can help lift your profile online with quality video explainer or product video for your business.


Where would we be without Agriculture?

Happy New Year to all of our valued clients and friends. Here’s to a safe and prosperous 2017!

Christmases in our family are always large affairs, At least twenty people sharing lots of laughs, a few drinks which leads to  a few tears – usually from my crazy Aunt (hey – everybody has one!) and of course a table laden with Turkey, Pork, Glazed Ham, every vegetable known to man and of course lashings and lashings of gravy and assorted sauces. (Sorry about the famous five channeling!).

As I contemplated shouldering my mother aside to get to the turkey leg I suddenly had a thought – what would this table look like if there were no farms? Pretty piss poor was my conclusion as I snared the leg while my sister picked my mother up from the floor.  For some reason not much conversation was directed my way during lunch so I had plenty of time to expand on my ruminating on a world without agriculture. First there were the benefits – no brussell sprouts, cool, no tripe – even cooler! Then the reality hit – No Meat, No Vegetables, No Fruit, No Booze, NO COFFEE!!

All that was left was plastic cheese, I’m sure there’s no actual dairy in that and Wendys ice cream.

Bloody good job there are farms was my conclusion, and the hardy souls that work on them. Which brings me to Resilience’s latest completed project – graphic design, branding and a brand spanking new web site for Tasmanian Agricultural Jobs – a portal designed to connect farmers and workers. Resilience are proud to also be a partner in this endeavour.

Check it out here:



Just in time for Barbie Season!

Barbie Season is upon us! All over the state scrubbing brushes are out, Men are talking about the ideal temperature for a medium rare Rib-Eye in pubs and outdoor settings are being checked for creepy crawlies hiding under seats.

Can’t help you with the scrubbing or spiders but we’ve just completed a web site for Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers that would have Sam Kekovich on a soap box in raptures with hand on heart.

With a massive range of Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Smallgood products available, can’t say we blame him!

Right, I’m off – suddenly very hungry!

Check out their new site here:


Movember is Movending – Time for a trim?

Last day of Movember today and Resilience Marketing salutes all of those hirsute Aussie blokes who have done their bit for their mates and other men who may be struggling a bit with mental health issues.

Wives and girlfriends disapproving looks can be a powerful motivator though so we’re guessing that the shavers will be working overtime tomorrow and more than a few will be deciding that a trim may be in order as well.

Lucky for them that we’ve got the Barber King web site up and running just in time then! Featuring an online booking system and a handy Sandy Bay location you’ll be back in the good books in no time!


Check it out at


Xmas do coming up? Arrive in Style with Ultimate Rides Tasmania

You’ll feel like a Martini – shaken, not stirred after arriving in style with Ultimate Rides Tasmania.

Check out their brand new website emblazened with a new logo and Corporate Id elements all developed for Ultimate Rides by Q at Resilience Marketing. (Q must remain anonymous, a matter of security – We’re sure you understand!) Continue Reading..


Earworx Television Ad Launched

Oh dEAR, we could have a field day with bad puns here but we wouldn’t want to cop an EARfull from our awesome clients Earworx!

Speaking of EARfulls – if your world is somewhat muffled, get into Earworx and get it checked out. Could be just a bit of wax is standing between you and hearing Bieber in full stereo again…
On second thoughts….!

Check out the ad! And after you’ve seen Earworx check it out again, you’ll be amazed at the difference!


Making Whoopee at Lufra


noun: whoopee

  1. wild revelry.
    “hours of blues and whoopee”

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Tasmanian Sliding Door Repairs Tracking Nicely

Resilience Marketing have recently delivered on a raft of projects for Tasmanian Sliding Door Repairs.

First we developed a shiny new brand for them and then rolled it out into Stationery, a new Web Site and Television Commercial.

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Apparel Prints Web Site Launched

Recently launched into cyberspace, Resilience Marketing are proud to have developed the web presence for Hobart’s leading Embroidery and Digital Printing Professionals

Check it out here: