Cool for Cats

Ever had one of those dodgy pre packaged holidays? You know the ones. The glossy brochure promises an idyllic setting, hammocks strung between palm trees, white sand, warm blue water lapping up to your straw thatched villa and drinks with pineapple shards and mini umbrellas.

Sucked me in once! Off I jetted to an exotic South East Asian location next to my partner full of romantic notions of sun, sand, food, drinks and well romance! Casually looking around the plane inwardly gloating that most of these suckers wouldn’t have got even close to the incredible deal I got. Eventually emerging from the relative calm of the airport into the absolute chaos that seems to be peculiar to that part of the world, I was already looking forward to the promised welcoming cocktail and relaxing in at the resort.Continue Reading..


Pimp your Ride

Ah, 1984 – The Bombers beat their arch rivals Hawthorn for the flag, Darryl and Ossie are doing their thing on the box and Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark.

It’s also the year of my college formal, and dressed to the nines in my Miami Vice white suit and pastel green square bottom tie, I’m on my way to pick up my girlfriend of three weeks in my 1972 two door Corolla coupe. A quick stop into a servo to grab some fuel, whack a $2 note into the acceptor and I’m good to go. Nervous as all hell because I’m about to meet her parents for the first time, I pull into her driveway to find her old man washing his Datsun 180b and looking at me, then my ride, looked me up and down again, finally fixing his gaze at the hotwire mags on the front, rolled his eyes and said “So you’re the bloody reason I can never use the phone at night.”

At that moment the front door opened and my girlfriend’s mother came out with a smile on her face, Emma trailing behind. Any hopes I had of a reprieve faded as quickly as the smile on her mum’s face though as she eyeballed my car. A look at her husband and a quick tilt of the head followed by a whispered conversation 10 yards away ensued as I slowly changed colour from white, through the shades of pink to scarlet and then back to white again. Eventually after expressing their grave concerns about the quality and safety of my car they admonished me to drive safely with my precious cargo and allowed us to leave. As first impressions go at least there was no where but up to go in their estimation!

If only Tasmanian Luxury Limousines were about in my day! That embarrassing footnote to my adolescence could have been avoided entirely (I’m not talking about the suit!) and I would have been viewed in an entirely different light!

The good folk at Tasmanian Luxury Limousines specialise in Meet and Greet services, provide personalized and extended tours, meetings and conventions, shopping, shore excursions for cruise vessels, sightseeing, sports events, weddings, airport transfers, VIP and corporate arrangements are also available.

Resilience are wrapt to count them among our valued clients and have provided web design, branding and graphic design services for them as well as producing their TV Commercial.

Here it is!:

View the branding services here:

Tasmanian Luxury Limousines Branding

Web Design:


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A Frenchman in Tasmania

Resilience Marketing are proudly Tasmanian. We’ve been here a long time and have helped hundreds of Tasmanian businesses with their marketing and web needs.

Aside from business though we love being part of the fabric of this lovely island we call home. Owners, Darren and Jody, and their family are off cruising around the Island every chance they get in their motor home, pulling up to spend a night or two in some of our iconic tourist destinations and sampling our awesome produce and beverages.

Our picturesque little slice of paradise also has a thriving art scene,  MONA being the jewel in the crown. But long before David Walsh built his incredible world class museum on the banks of the Derwent and supercharged  the Tasmanian art landscape, Tasmania’s natural beauty had already attracted a host of photographers and artists from all over the world.

Among them, a few years ago, was Michel Gintrac – a Frenchman who now calls Tasmania home and produces high quality landscapes in oils showcasing Tasmania’s natural beauty.

Resilience have completed a web site for Michel, showcasing his work – which showcases Tasmania. You can see it here:



Anyone up for a quiet ride in the country?

Ah, nice summers day, gentle breeze blowing and the sound of helmet clips and bikes starting can be heard all around Tasmania.

One by one, two by two and well, lot’s by lots, motor bike riders head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes their way (Thanks Steppenwolf!)Continue Reading..


Square pegs – Round Holes

Most people that know me well will tell you that I’m spontaneous – impulsive is probably more accurate. Keeping everyone guessing, including myself is well developed skill years in the making. Considered decisions and planning really aren’t my forte!

Like the time I went looking for furniture after buying my first home. I had a plan, well a list of items I needed, and off I went enthusiastically in search of something on which to sit, eat, sleep and work. Five hours later, decidedly less enthusiastic I ticked the last item off the list, shook hands with the Harvey Norman salesman who had that grin and look in his eye that big game fishermen get, and went home to my card table and blow up mattress to await delivery the next day.Continue Reading..


When Soap Gets in your Eyes

So here’s how a typical morning went when I was a teenager at my parent’s house. 6 people, two showers – you do the math! Mum and Dad used the upstairs bathroom while 4 kids fought a secret war downstairs over the holy grail of Wentworth St – a hot shower!

My brother wasn’t so much a problem, he was a lot younger and was usually in and out quickly anyway but my sisters, once they’d set up base camp there was no dislodging them. Dirty tricks like flushing the toilet had no effect – General Patten himself would have trouble retaking the bathroom with a battalion of infantry at his disposal. Continue Reading..


Move over George

Meet George Jetson….. As a kid that opening line would send me scurrying for the tv where nothing short of a nuclear bomb would dislodge me for the next half hour. Flying saucers, sky high conveyor belts, robots and whacky futuristic inventions had me wishing that futuristic world would just hurry up and get here already.

Well it’s here! Maybe not with flying saucers, in two dimensions and 128 colours like the Jetsons – but in terms of houses we’ve already surpassed what the soothsayers at Hanna Barbara predicted. Smart homes are here and they are only going to get smarter!

Continue Reading..


Welcome to 2017 from all of us at Resilience

2017 already and we at Resilience Marketing are rested after a break and primed for another big year of delivering quality Media and Web.

With a new year comes a new string to our bow – Video production for web and social media. Get in touch to find out how we can help lift your profile online with quality video explainer or product video for your business.


Where would we be without Agriculture?

Happy New Year to all of our valued clients and friends. Here’s to a safe and prosperous 2017!

Christmases in our family are always large affairs, At least twenty people sharing lots of laughs, a few drinks which leads to  a few tears – usually from my crazy Aunt (hey – everybody has one!) and of course a table laden with Turkey, Pork, Glazed Ham, every vegetable known to man and of course lashings and lashings of gravy and assorted sauces. (Sorry about the famous five channeling!).

As I contemplated shouldering my mother aside to get to the turkey leg I suddenly had a thought – what would this table look like if there were no farms? Pretty piss poor was my conclusion as I snared the leg while my sister picked my mother up from the floor.  For some reason not much conversation was directed my way during lunch so I had plenty of time to expand on my ruminating on a world without agriculture. First there were the benefits – no brussell sprouts, cool, no tripe – even cooler! Then the reality hit – No Meat, No Vegetables, No Fruit, No Booze, NO COFFEE!!

All that was left was plastic cheese, I’m sure there’s no actual dairy in that and Wendys ice cream.

Bloody good job there are farms was my conclusion, and the hardy souls that work on them. Which brings me to Resilience’s latest completed project – graphic design, branding and a brand spanking new web site for Tasmanian Agricultural Jobs – a portal designed to connect farmers and workers. Resilience are proud to also be a partner in this endeavour.

Check it out here:



Just in time for Barbie Season!

Barbie Season is upon us! All over the state scrubbing brushes are out, Men are talking about the ideal temperature for a medium rare Rib-Eye in pubs and outdoor settings are being checked for creepy crawlies hiding under seats.

Can’t help you with the scrubbing or spiders but we’ve just completed a web site for Tasmanian Meat Wholesalers that would have Sam Kekovich on a soap box in raptures with hand on heart.

With a massive range of Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Smallgood products available, can’t say we blame him!

Right, I’m off – suddenly very hungry!

Check out their new site here: